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Try Backyard FarmingBackyard Farming is a wonderful alternative to traditional hobby gardening. Typical gardening can be tedious, expensive, labor intensive, and disappointing.

Try Backyard Farming uses old world techniques as well as modern permaculture ideas to grow more food with less energy. It allows people to produce a bounty of chemical free organic fruits & vegetables at home.


Things taste better and are more healthy when you grow them at home in a natural way.

We use the term “backyard farming” because it goes beyond the idea of digging up a patch of ground and hoping that tomatoes come up.

Backyard farming is organic gardening combined with a purposeful approach to growing some of our own food.

We are not farmers, really, in that we are not in the business of selling crops, although we can do this on a small scale if we wish. Check out our article on getting your produce to market here.

We focus on how ordinary people in suburban settings can benefit from organic gardening. A great place to begin is What is Backyard Farming. From there, explore various topics found in our menu. Another good one is The Secret to Fertility (here).

The goal is to inspire everyone to start gardening.  Whether you are new to fruit, vegetable, and medicinal gardening or have been doing it for awhile, we hope you will find value on this site. One can easily incorporate sustainable and organic ideas to improve their home environment.

Here’s a secret: gardening is pretty easy. Check out our youtube playlist to get a feel for how we do things.

Although our style of organic gardening is very easy, a lot of what you plant will die. Some things will thrive, and that’s what we focus on. Try things. Do not delay.

In Ohio we garden. Almost every single person I know is growing something and talking about it at work. From young male bachelors to very old grannies, most everyone is gardening in some form and we woul



We employ Permaculture concepts that go with the flow of Nature rather than fight to control it. We make gardening more simple, intuitive, and fun.

Our methods cut down on things like watering and weeding. Your home can be much more eco friendly, and you can reduce waste while increasing productivity.

If you just composted everything from the home that was compostable, your trash would reduce by 40-70% and the fertility of your home soil would increase.

There is no reason to use pesticides, fertilizers, or anything from the stinky aisle at the hardware store. We use leaves, hay, old weeds, dead tree wood, and the like, in place of that stuff. And it works better. Check out our articles on Permaculture zones (here) and Composting and mulch (here).

Suburban Homesteading

Suburban Homesteading is bringing the concepts inside the home and making things out of the stuff we grow, like teas, tinctures, coffees, juices, foods, wines, shrubs, syrups, and sauces. We also dabble in making natural cleaning products, health and beauty products, meals & snacks, and many other things.

Why not be more self-sufficient, live in a less toxic environment, and re use things that would normally be discarded? 

Obviously, products people make themselves have no toxins or additives and therefore are more healthy and valuable. They do not come with needless amounts of plastic, glass, and paper packaging.

Items at the store are designed to last an unnaturally long period of time on the shelf (thus are packed with salts and acids). They are designed to be purchased at 10 times the actual value, used up as quickly as possible, and repurchased as soon as possible.

Store items are loaded with sugars and chemical flavorings and are marketed to us as delicious and healthy, or low calorie, or whatever they think will get us to settle into a pattern of buying and re buying.  

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